A performance-driven, diversified energy portfolio.

We acquire undervalued oil and gas assets and improve their value through experienced management and smart development strategies.

Our success is built upon a strong and steady platform


We minimize our risk through a balanced blend of assets

Our portfolio features ownership in oil and gas wells with multiple reservoirs and formations in proven fields with untapped reserves.


We develop assets to enhance the economics on the investment

By strategically developing new assets we optimzie our asset value by applying our keen and savvy industry knowledge to maxamize future devlopment potential.


We maximize production throughout each well's life cycle

We actively manage our assets to optimize production with the use technology and oil field analytics in addition to secondary recovery and various well optimization methods.

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Subsidiary & Auxiliary

While we team with third party entities on many of our developmental drilling and rework projects, our operations and services company support our day to day oilfield operations. These strategic commitments are designed to help lower some of our operational costs, resulting in additional cash flow potential to our portfolio of operated assets.

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